1.SHAREAPIC.NET allows members to share unlimited pictures and earn money. They pay $0.22 per 1000 image impressions or views. Members can also make money from Google ads displayed in their picture galleries. pays via Paypal within 7 days of request if earnings are over $20.


Sell your photos on 123 Royalty Free and earn 50% of net proceeds from each photo downloaded. Earn 15% of revenue when someone you refer buys credits or subscribes to 123rf. Refer photographers and earn 10% of the price of each of their photo downloaded, as well as a free complimentary credit.

3.SPYMAC is a media-sharing network that pays for original pictures, short films and audio files. They run daily and monthly jackpots and share revenue among contributors who upload the best content.
The system depends on ratings, total comments, total views and total revenue of each upload to determine who gets a share of the jackpots. Members also receive a share of their referrals’ winnings at the end of the month. Spymac pays by check when a minimum of $25 has been earned.


Earn points for sharing your photos, videos, hotel reviews and for performing various other tasks (such as booking a hotel through the site). Redeem points for cash and/or prizes.

LandscapingIdeasOnline is looking for gardening/landscaping articles that are between 600 – 1500 words in length. Pay may be per article or on a profit-sharing basis. They are also hiring Photographers and Sales Associates.

6.BREAK.COM accepts original flash games, videos, and pictures. Receive up to $2000 if your video makes it to the frontpage and up to $25 if your picture is placed in a gallery. They pay by PayPal within a week.


IgoUgo is a travel site that pays members for participating. Members earn GO points for registering, filling out a personal profile, uploading photos, and writing travel reviews. GO Points can then be redeemed for frequent-flier miles, gift cards from retailers like, Barnes & Noble, and Target. IgoUgo also offers country-specific rewards for international members.


Photographers earn 20% of royalties or up to 40% if eligible for exclusivity. To apply and upload photos at iStockphoto, photographers are required to upload a piece of government issued identification. Photographers also have to submit 3 sample images for review. iStockphoto will send a notification of their decision via email. Free Membership.


Photographers set the price of their photos (based on photographer ranking, chosen license and exclusivity of the image). Commission ranges from 33% to 80%. Free Membership.


Trial fotoLibra Members can upload ten images for free, but these can’t be changed until they upgrade to a paid membership. Full Members can upload up to 4 GB of images and Platinum Members have unlimited storage. fotoLibra takes 50% commission and pays by check.



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